Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thai Ruby

Thai Ruby
744 E 820 N
Provo, UT 84606
(801) 375-6840


Schmuhl said...

Let me just say that the menus were fantastic. I couldn't read much of them (somehow understanding the name of a dish is better than knowing what is in it) but the presentation was great. My only recommendations would be that they show pictures of the dishes rather than onions, bamboo and stuff.

I ordered C1 hot, which still ended up being a mild-flavored milky stew of beef, bamboo shoots and a few other veggies. The rice was plentiful and the my neighbors shared. The spice caused a after-dinner-lip-burn that wasn't too bad. I rank this as my favorite stop on the Tour of Provo! It was tasty and I was filled.

Anonymous said...

It was pretty tasty. I had some peppered garlic pork. And shared with most of my neighbors. I did not like the curry's or the tofu. But all around I liked the food I ordered.


ericgoebel said...

I really enjoyed Thai Ruby. I ordered the R2 Kao Pad Phrik Pao (fried rice /w touch of sweet chili paste). It had alot of good flavors to it. I really liked the lime combined with the celontro/lime combination. The chili paste wasn't all that hot, but provided the right kick. The only thing lacking in this dish was that the portions of beef were just a little lacking.

Anonymous said...

If you think this place was HAVE TO try Bangkok Grill in Orem. Thai Ruby doesn't compare.

Michael said...

Agreed on Bangkok Grill. We went there for my birthday this year and last year. The crowd has determined that we have had enough curry though so we'll have to get there in a few months. Or send a smaller group to investigate.