Tuesday, March 18, 2008

La Carreta Peruvian Restaurant

La Carreta
340 East 1200 South
Orem, UT 84058
Phone: (801) 229-2696

We called ahead for our crowd of 18 or so and they were willing to seat us at 11am (they open at 11:30am). A crowd like that can get a small place behind on the lunch rush and this gets us out quicker so it was great for both parties. When we arrived they had a bunch of tables all pushed together and ready for us. The staff was friendly and happy to help us. The chips and salsa are fabulous with thick, crunchy chips and salsa that has some heat but also flavor.

A couple of dishes to consider when you go: The Bisteck a la Carreta is a thin steak marinated in grapefruit and then brought sizzling to your table, it is fabulous and should not be missed. The saltado and tallarin saltados are an excellent combination of beef with onions and tomatoes. They have a seviche (raw fish in lemon juice) that is fabulous. The dish tastes so fresh with the fish and veggies and I was surprised how much I liked it. Bisteck a lo Pobre is a tasty combination of fried eggs and steak that with the rice to soak it all up tastes hearty. Another favorite is Jalea de Pescado which is breaded, fried fish on top of a mixture of lettuce, potatoes, and some shrimp. The 'salad' and fish are great together and didn't leave me hungry.

The whole experience was fabulous. They were constantly refilling drinks and salsa. They made recommendations on dishes and fielded questions with some great conversation. Some people tried some of the Peruvian drinks they offer and reported that they were tasty too.

The atmosphere is casual but clean and nice. Kids are welcome and comfortable and they have some interesting Peruvian twists on kid meals that my kids eat. Highly recommended for any occasion. They have a back room for birthday parties and such if you prefer it. Order anything above or ask for recommendations, they'll take good care of you.


ericgoebel said...

I really liked #3. Chicken, Steak and Shrimp all in 1 dish on top of homemade fries. Good Flavor.

The salsa was good too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love it! Wish you were here! and very tasty too.

Ben 2.0 said...

Very nice place. I had the #1. The steak marinated in grapefruit juice and the fries were really good. I wasn't a big fan of the salad though. I'll definitely have to take my wife there sometime.

Lee Y said...

Not trying to be too negative but #22 (steak rice eggs) with a substitution of beans for the "soggy greasy fries" was pretty dry and flavorless - except for the steak. Maybe it would have been better with the fries.
Next time I'll try #1. The quantity of food seemed equivalent to #22 (except the eggs) and was several $$$ cheaper.
The atmosphere and service were great! :-)

Ben said...

I had the #22, a healthy serving of seasoned rice covered with two sunny-side up eggs and a savory thin steak which fought for room on the oversized plate. On either side were a fried banana and a pile of Peru fries (not to be confused with French fries).

Lee's right, in total it weighed in on the bland side. But this was good cooking in my book. A decent taste-test of Peruvian cuisine served by a friendly waitress in a well-decorated resturant.

As the tour goes, I award 8/10.

Spark said...

Pleasantly surprised. The menu online had me a little worried, but it was great. The Salsa was great!!