Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sam Hawk Korean Restaurant

Sam Hawk
660 N Freedom Blvd
Provo, UT 84601
Phone: (801) 377-7766

We phoned ahead the same day for our crowd of 10. We called at 11am and arrived around noon. This was not my first time at Sam Hawk and we always call ahead, even for small parties of two.

There were a few first-timers to Korean food in our group. The best place to start with Korean food is the bulgogi. The two main options here are beef and pork. The beef is sweet and mild and the pork is savory and spicy. Our group was spilt in half between beef and pork which made it easy for everyone to try a little of the other kind.

When we arrived the table was ready to go. We had to wait a little while, but they brought out the banchan and rice (in those great metal bowls). Then they started bringing out the meat. It arrives sizzling on a small cast iron plate on a wood plate (like fajitas). They brought out the Romaine lettuce and we were ready to eat. Grab a lettuce leaf and load it up with some meat, rice, banchan, kimchi, anything you want (JoeD was the best at this). Then eat it like a taco. The crisp cold lettuce and the spicy hot pork and the kimchi make for a combination you won't forget.

Banchan refers to the small side dishes that come with a Korean meal. We had bean sprouts, kimchi, potatoes, egg, marinated beef, and some ssam jang (spicy orange sauce that I didn't like the flavor of).

The meal was great and the service was great. Call ahead to get your order in or it takes a while, but once you are there the service is fast and they stay on top of refilling your banchan as you need it. I think the favorite of most people was the pork over the beef. But everyone loved the banchan and the building process. Kimchi was not as well received, but a couple of people (myself included) found it great.

The price was about $9 per person. I was full when we left, but two people were looking for more. We headed over to Shirley's Bakery, but the line was too long so we headed back to the office. Can't wait to go back.