Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Four Seasons Hot Pot & Dumplings

Four Seasons Hot Pot & Dumplings
236 N. University Ave.
Provo, UT 84601
Phone: 801-375-6888

We have a large party (13?) so we emailed them a week in advance and phoned them the day before. They were ready for us and pleased to share their place. The soups were ready to go and we had a variety of different bases to try (chicken broth, miso, and something spicy). They showed us the raw ingredients and explained each of them.

The atmosphere was great, it was like sitting down as a family. I put things in I wanted others to try and I ate things others had put in that they thought were tasty. Everyone seemed willing to try most things at least once and that made some good conversations. I was wrong about how many people would like the seaweed knots and someone else was wrong that I might like the tofu skin. The most popular might have been the beef in the spicy soup base then dipped in their house sauce - an amazing combination. The group was lively and people were always happy to throw in their favorites and let others eat them. A frequent conversation was asking if a pot was available to have ingredients added or if anyone wanted to try something that had finished cooking. People were proud of their combinations of soup and ingredients and eager for others to try them.

The price of the meal was $8 or so and included the drink and an ice cream bar but I didn't have room for ice cream at the end. They did bring us little candies and most everyone got a set of chopsticks as a present from our hosts. The service was great and the conversation was great. We even managed to cook our own food without poisoning anyone. Can't wait to go back.